BF Resort Las Pinas

Posted Dec 16, 2022 by Juan

Collection Details

I did a food rescue in Las Pinas collecting the following:

Item Social Points
8 apples 0.2 points
1 melon @ 2 kilos 1 point
5 packs greens (lettuce, spinach, kangkong) 0.1 points
1 pack red chili 0.2 points
6 packs banana 1 point

Metric Total
Kilos 5.5
Social Points 2.5

Beneficiary Details

I gave the food to George, a junk shop worker in Vista Grande outside of BF Resort.

He was happy to receive the food. He might find it strange to receive food from strangers, so I told him it was from a Christmas event of a religious group.

I then told him that that group would like to deposit plastic waste at his junk shop in the future. This would strike 2 birds with one stone:

  • Food Waste
  • Plastic Waste

He was open to the idea of partnering to solve both problems. We hope that food rescue can be expanded and made more frequent so that such partnerships can grow and be regularly maintained through common interest.


Las Pinas

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