Fairview Quezon City

Posted Jul 20, 2022 by Ronnel

Collection Details

We did a food rescue in Fairview collecting the following:

Item Social Points
2 large boxes of chocolates 3
18 packets candies 0.5
9 Irish cream drinks 0.5
900 grams brocolli 0.2
9 packets broth cubes 0.1
1 kg sugar 0.2
1 packet banana 0*
250 grams cauliflower 0
500 grams sitaw 0
Total 4.5 points

*Zero points means the item cannot be eaten or are have less parts that are edible

We took public transportation, spending 90 pesos for 2 people taking 2 trips since the large boxes were bulky. The idea is to lower the money cost of doing food rescue in order to make it sustainable.

Metric Total
Kilos 5 + 8
Social Points 4.5

Beneficiary Details

We were supposed to give the collection to a charity group in a nearby squatter community. But our contact there was unavailable. He was afraid that distributing the chocolates without their group in place would lead to a crowd forming.

So we gave the food instead to the staff of a nearby restaurant and to some children along Commonwealth Avenue in Tandang Sora Quezon City.

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